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Locked In Love

Getting married because you love someone is easier than staying in love. It takes intention, commitment and determination to make that happen. When I got married, I was certain I will be able to do that every single day. It was much easier before having kids. Once we had kids, and almost 13 years later, it is still a challenge for Riz and I to connect on a deeper level on a daily basis. It is one of our goals to make time for each other and we are working towards it.

Just like an athlete trains to win with a champion’s growth mindset – focus locked on the prize, with grit, perseverance, pushing through with tears + challenges, mustering up the courage – putting forth more effort than one’s imagined capability, we need to adapt that mindset to achieve our goals. Be it to keep the spark in our marriages or any other goal. Make it a priority to make time for your spouse on a regular basis to connect in a more meaningful way – stepping away from technology, distractions, work, and sometimes kids ☺️

So here’s to Valentine’s Day to stay “Locked in love” 🥂 May we continue to stay in love with our partner ❤️ and work towards a deeper relationship till death do us apart.

P.S. “Locked in Love” was inspired by Cartier’s Love Bracelets

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