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Stepping into the Unknown with Courage

🌟Stepping into the Unknown with Courage

When Joshua was leading the Israelites, after Moses died, they came to a point where they had to cross the Jordan River. God instructed Joshua to tell the people that when the priests put their feet in the water, the Jordan River will stop flowing (Joshua chapter 3). To enter their promise land, they had to follow God’s instruction, trust him and step in the water believing that when they do dip their feet in the water, God will do a miracle. Once they did, the Jordan River stopped flowing and the Israelites were able to pass through.

✨Note, they had to physically take a step of faith into the unknown. They had to lean on God to take them to the next level after they took THE STEP. The miracle followed their obedience of stepping into the water.

✨#2020 was a catalyst in moving me in taking my step. As a stay at home mom of 3, while homeschooling, dealing with the effects of pandemic and other struggles – it was tough. Still, I did it – afraid of the unknown yet trusting God. With the support of my husband, encouragement of my sisters, and my trust in God, I took the step. My step was launching wHoly Mom in an effort to empower mothers in their journey of motherhood through coaching. So I took the plunge and dipped my feet into the calling I believe God has for me. I am trusting God to lead me in the right direction, use me to serve moms to live a thriving life and help them to blossom in motherhood to find and nurture their true self through transformation of mind, body and spirit. I hope you can join me in this journey and I can add some goodness and positivity into your life ☺️.

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✨As you reflect🧐 over #2020 and think ahead for the next year, may I encourage you to make time to listen to what God is calling you to step into.

❔What is He tugging on your heart to do? Which areas of your being – life/mind/body/spirit need a shift or a new path? As moms, we usually wait to do something till the kids are a bit older or something else. I am here to nudge you that your time is now. I believe in God’s timing. At the same time, I have experienced the reality of my personal excuses. The laundry will always be there (mine is staring 👀at me as I write), the dishes will be done sooner or later and the never ending to do list, will one day get accomplished (no promises, unless you are living with Mary Poppins). Let’s stop making excuses. I KNOW it may be hard but YOU Can Do IT. You can hit the RESET button. Take time to rediscover yourself and take the plunge – step into the realm of possibilities with courage in knowing that God will hold you through it all – one step at a time.

✨In this holiday season🎄 and before the beginning of the new year, I hope you spend some time to think about this ⬆️, to journal it and may be create a vision board. And once you have found your answers, may you find the courage to step into manifesting it – trusting God to be with you along the way “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6).

May you have a joyful Christmas 🎄season and a blessed New Year!

Much love and blessings!💖


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