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Meet Your Coach! - Jennifer James


I am Jenny. I am a Jesus follower, an inspirer, life-long learner, foodie, a mom coach (raising moms to new heights), a wife to my love of 13 years, Riz, and a mama to three. We are currently living in the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia.  Before becoming a mom, I worked in the corporate world and completed my Masters in Counseling with 1000+clinical hours as a counselor under licensed supervisors.

Why did I start wHoly Mom?

After having kids, I got busy in motherhood and priorities changed. I eventually realized how important it is to take care of myself while being a mom (wearing the hats of mommy, wife, boo-boo healer, educator, planner, chauffeur, cook, stylist, house keeper, etc). It was necessary not just for my own health and well being but also because I wanted to give my loved ones the best of myself. I know what it feels like to juggle multiple roles and still make time to care for my self. I would like my children to witness and learn to take care of themselves through the demands of life and give importance to being healthy as well as supporting their loved ones to be on track.

It was my personal awakening to hit the RESET button in my life that led to the creation of wHoly Mom.

I became a coach to empower women to feel and be their best self utilizing my educational background, mom experiences combined with my evidence based methods.


"If you are a Mom you are a Superhero. Period"

Rosie Poper

Are You Ready?

So here I am, ready and eager to help my Mama tribe to realign as well. I am here to encourage you to blossom in your motherhood journey – to become whole in mind, body and spirit. I am beginning to accept my divine calling – to coach women, listen without judgment, mentor, counsel, befriend fellow moms, sisters and women to become healthy in a holistic way through God – Philippians 4:13: I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
You may be asking yourself, so

Why do I need a coach?

Here’s why: You are blessed to be a mother. You have almost everything you wanted in life. Yet you feel “lost in motherhood”, somewhat lonely, busy catering to the demands and needs of your beautiful family, having no time to invest in yourself or to lean in to being the person you used to be – your own individual self. 

I am here to remind you that YOU MATTER. Your mental, physical and spiritual health are WORTH MORE to you AND your family, than you may realize. As a mom of 3, I had my personal awakening. I was able to push through this season in my life using my professional knowledge and counseling experience, while also adopting new skills (more on my method later).

Let’s create a new standard for mothers – feeling their best, living well, showing up as their best self, and setting up a good example for the future moms. Let us rediscover our true self, reclaim our time and energy, and care for ourselves to be the woman/mom we want to be. Yes it is totally ACHIEVABLE! Are you ready to thrive as a mother and become the woman God has called you to be?

I believe there is power in sisterhood! Let’s not journey alone.

 I would love to hear from you my lovelies – be it your struggles, your successes, or just how you feel. I will be here cheering you on – choosing to live healthy with you. I would love to help you in your journey. Together, we can work to identify how you would like to feel and live your life. We will set goals, develop a plan to work towards your goals, help you take charge of your time and your lifestyle, and help you recognize and prioritize the VALUABLE person you already are. 

I am open to discussing any collaboration ideas, adding resources or publishing your work on my website in the blog section – just drop me note at

Cheers to Sisterhood!

Keeping going and stay strong! 




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