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Episode 59: Walking Through Transitions with Christy Wright

Christy Wright

We’ve all gone through transitions. Transitions are a part of life: going through stages in life, relationships, parenthood, loss of loved ones, career moves, and so on. These changes can be hard to deal with. However, we can be intentional and learn to cope with these inevitable transitions better.

Christy Wright joins me today in the podcast, sharing her story of Transition from a Ramsey personality of Ramsey solutions with 12 years of expertise as a certified business coach, dynamic speaker, and personal development expert to something new. Christy has thousands of hours of experience speaking professionally on some of the most significant stages in the country, and she now uses that experience to teach others how to make the impact they want to make. Whether running around the stage or after kids, challenging leaders, or changing diapers, Christy makes the most out of her life and helps others to do the same.

Christy encourages us not to give up our faith in God, as He always has better plans for us. After all, He is the one who chose you for His purpose, and He will pave the way for it. She also describes her emotional and spiritual struggles during the transition phases and how she overcame them with a leap of faith in God and belief in herself.

She is the #1 bestselling author of ‘Business Boutique,’ ‘Take back your time’ and ‘Living True.’ Christy is masterful at teaching people how to craft messages they are excited to share and confident to deliver. She has been featured on Today Show and Fox News, Success, Entrepreneur, and Women’s Day Magazines.

Listen to the podcast to find out more about:

  • The journey to her life purpose (3:40)
  • The spiritual impact of the transition phase (7:00)
  • Concept of reset and change in seasons of life (16:00)
  • Dealing with emotional struggles of transitions (19:26)
  • Counseling process and a new vision in life (24:00)
  • Three pieces of wisdom (35:00)

Favorite quotes:

“When I obey Lord in a difficult situation, it doesn’t get easier. It becomes harder. Eventually, He will bring me the perfect ones.”

“Things happen in the wilderness that prepares us for a blessing. I have learned the importance of a reset in this wilderness.”

“In your transition, God brings you through a wilderness to reset you: reset your mind and intimacy with Him.”

“If you have peace and sovereignty, you can walk the steps even if you are super scared.”

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I am here to remind you that YOU MATTER. Your feelings, desires, unspoken needs, and all of you have a purpose. I am here to walk with you and to cheer you on. I believe in you. YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS SEASON!  So, let’s rediscover our true selves, reclaim our time, energy, care for ourselves to be the woman we want to be, and most of all, THRIVE. Let us rise and show up as a better version of ourselves!  Together we can support each other and live in our purpose. Let’s do this!

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