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Support the launch of 988 – A Crisis Lifeline

Suicide touches many lives and affects all demographics. According to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, “The act of suicide is often an attempt to control deep, painful emotions and thoughts an individual is experiencing. Once these thoughts dissipate, so will the suicidal ideation. While suicidal thoughts can return, they are not permanent. Individuals…

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Episode 51: Anne Smith’s Journey with Posttraumatic Stress Order Episode 51: Anne Smith's Journey with Posttraumatic Stress Order June is PTSD Awareness month, and I am honored to share my conversation with Anne Smith. Listen in as she shares about her healing journey, from the little red flags at the beginning to the blessed awareness that…

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How PTSD May Manifest in New Moms

June is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month, and this week we are focusing on perinatal posttraumatic stress disorder (PPTSD).  PPTSD may be defined as “a disorder arising after a traumatic experience; diagnosed any time from conception to 6 months postpartum, lasting longer than 1 month; leading to specific negative maternal symptoms, and poor maternal-infant…

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Episode 50: Next Level Living with Jasmine Douglas

Episode 50: Next Level Living with Jasmine Douglas Episode 50: Next Level Living with Jasmine Douglas As women in a busy world, we are often influenced by the social norms associated with marriage, living as a woman in our society, and motherhood. And we lose sight of who we are. I am passionate about coming alongside…

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Stronger Together

As we wrap Maternal Mental Health Awareness month, let’s raise awareness everywhere for all moms. The global theme for this year is “Stronger Together”. Together we can crush stigma and bring an end to the loneliness moms feel. You are not alone. Let’s link arms and normalize that “We Are Stronger Together”.  Motherhood is a…

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Celebrating National Women’s Health Week

Hello Friend!  I am filled with gratitude and appreciation. For you, friend. Thank you for being here as The WHoly Mom Chat celebrates one year of podcasting! I’ve spent the last few days reflecting and focusing my energy on gratitude. I am reminded of how grateful I am for my own mother. She has had…

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Maternal Mental Health Awareness

Hello Friend! Did you know this week is Global Maternal Mental Health Awareness week? Yes, moms’ mental health is recognized as a global issue by WHO and there is a significant need to improve it. It not only impacts moms but has a ripple effect on society as whole. And it is specifically aligned…

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Episode 48: Holistic Nutrition with Lorraine Driscoll

Episode 48: Holistic Nutrition with Lorraine Driscoll This week on the WHoly Mom Chat, Jennifer interviews Lorraine Driscoll on Holistic Nutrition. Lorraine shares the story of her daughter's health struggles and her journey to get a diagnosis for PANS/PANDAS. Along with discussing the benefits of holistic nutrition, she guides parents to find help for their…

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