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Celebrating National Women’s Health Week

Hello Friend!  I am filled with gratitude and appreciation. For you, friend. Thank you for being here as The WHoly Mom Chat celebrates one year of podcasting! I’ve spent the last few days reflecting and focusing my energy on gratitude. I am reminded of how grateful I am for my own mother. She has had…

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Maternal Mental Health Awareness

Hello Friend! Did you know this week is Global Maternal Mental Health Awareness week? Yes, moms’ mental health is recognized as a global issue by WHO and there is a significant need to improve it. It not only impacts moms but has a ripple effect on society as whole. And it is specifically aligned…

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How Do You Deal with Grief?

"Grief is like the ocean. It comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.” – Vicki Harrison. Grief is an emotion we all can associate with. #2020 has included a variety of grief for most of us: from losing…

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Reclaim your body

God designed our bodies with a purpose. For some, one of the purposes is to give birth. During the miraculous process of carrying and birthing, our bodies change significantly. Once, we are in the fourth trimester, we become focused on the beautiful beings we have birthed while forgetting to take care of ourselves - including…

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How Are You Loving On Yourself?

Just want to remind you that as you love on others, remember to love on yourself too this Valentine’s. In fact, loving on your self, in a healthy balanced way, is necessary for your sanity as well as your success every day!  Make time for yourself - be it a quick walk, reading a positive…

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Celebrate Yourself

As I was reflecting 🧐 on the past 40 years, I wondered why do we not celebrate ourselves often and just once a year? And for some, even that is not a day worth celebrating.  We need to celebrate 🎉 ourself daily! We owe it to ourselves to cheer our own self even just for…

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Locked In Love

Getting married because you love someone is easier than staying in love. It takes intention, commitment and determination to make that happen. When I got married, I was certain I will be able to do that every single day. It was much easier before having kids. Once we had kids, and almost 13 years later,…

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Stepping into the Unknown with Courage

🌟Stepping into the Unknown with Courage When Joshua was leading the Israelites, after Moses died, they came to a point where they had to cross the Jordan River. God instructed Joshua to tell the people that when the priests put their feet in the water, the Jordan River will stop flowing (Joshua chapter 3). To enter…

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