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Episode 54: When to Walk Away With Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas has joined me this week on the podcast to provide insight regarding toxic relationships (familial, intimate, professional, friendships).  In this week’s conversation, Gary is able to help us recognize people that are toxic and ways in which we can move on from these painful relationships. Toxic individuals not only affect the relationship, but they bring us down and add to our daily stressors. It’s important to understand that toxic people slowly chip away at your well-being. As a mother, I enjoyed the conversation with Gary because it brought up the importance of healing and putting ourselves first. This conversation is inspired from Garry’s book: When to Walk Away. 


According to Gary, not every difficult person is toxic. Those that are toxic people want to control you, haunt you, and enjoy conflict. He speaks about how to incorporate faith, restraint, self-soothing methods, and forgiveness in our journey to walk away from toxic relationships. Join in and plunge into the episode to explore more about it.


Listen in to learn more about: 

{04:00} Identifying Toxic People

{06:20} Toxic People and Scripture

{09:25} How to Walk Away Physically

{11:00} How to Walk Away Mentally 

{12:25} Toxic Marriage and Licensed Counselors

{16:00} Self-Soothing

{26:00} Forgiveness

{28:35} Three Pieces of Wisdom


Favorite Quotes

“Lord, I pray…that they’ll become a person of love instead of hate.” 

“Take the temptation to fixate on toxic people as motivation to plan to do something healthy in a healthy relationship.”

“Don’t let someone tear you apart. God created you not just to be loved but to love others.” 

“Relationships are key to who God made us to be.”


About Gary:

Gary is a best-selling author and international speaker. He has worked to foster personal growth by means of scripture and community outreach. His incorporation of the Christian faith and public speaking have allowed him to identify how to end the chain of toxic relationships and how to find our way to a journey full of healing and self-love. If you’d like to hear more about what Gary’s advice is you can check out his book When to Walk Away. 


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