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Episode 26: Recovery is Possible After Baby with Dr. Maria Milhous

Returning to movement during postpartum time can sometimes feel overwhelming, scary, and difficult. Maybe you stayed active during your pregnancy and no longer have your usual routine and you feel antsy and isolated. Maybe you just aren’t into working out? In any case, remember your body needs time to heal and return to movement in a way that honors what you just accomplished.  You’ve just had a baby!  Your postpartum healing journey requires rest, but it also requires restorative movement.  In this episode of the WHoly Mom Chat, I chat with Dr. Maria Milhous, a Physical Therapist, to discuss the importance of moving your body for a new mom as she shares her own personal journey of recovery.  

Listen in as we discuss: 

  • What does the path to recovery look like for a new mom? 
  • Maria shares her own personal journey of recovery.
  • How to take ownership that you’ve just given birth?
  • The difference between rest and recovery?
  • Maria shares practical ways that women can apply physical therapy exercises to regain wellness. 


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