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How PTSD May Manifest in New Moms

June is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month, and this week we are focusing on perinatal posttraumatic stress disorder (PPTSD).  PPTSD may be defined as “a disorder arising after a traumatic experience; diagnosed any time from conception to 6 months postpartum, lasting longer than 1 month; leading to specific negative maternal symptoms, and poor maternal-infant outcomes.” It “can occur in women during the perinatal period, not just postpartum, and is a phenomenon with unique characteristics when contrasted with PTSD occurring in adults in other contexts.”   (

God designed our bodies with a purpose. For some, one of the purposes is to give birth. During the miraculous process of carrying and birthing, our bodies change significantly. Once we are in the fourth trimester, we become focused on the beautiful beings we have birthed while forgetting to take care of ourselves – including to re-strengthen, nourish and reclaim our individual self in mind, body and spirit. Although a professional evaluation is necessary, you can tune in to the symptoms you are experiencing to evaluate yourself. 

For women, “birth trauma” which is the experience of childbirth may cause PTSD. Dr. Barbash describes that birth trauma can be from:

  • Births where the mom experienced significant blood loss
  • Emergency cesarean, after the baby’s heart rate suddenly drops
  • Forceps birth
  • Extreme or intense pain
  • Stillbirth
  • Escalated medical intervention to save the baby or mom
  • Baby born with a disability as a result of traumatic birth
  • Unexpected, or early, delivery of the baby
  • Baby admitted into the special care baby unit or neonatal intensive care unit

Find my conversation here with Food Network Spring Baking Champion KeyaWingfield about her struggle with PTSD. 

If you or your loved one is experiencing any of the symptoms discussed today, I urge you to seek professional help. I have included articles below so you can learn more about maternal PTSD. There is also a link on how to find a trained PTSD or trauma counselor.


We keep the number for poison control for the kids, we should also keep a  list of emergency numbers for ourselves. Please save the information below on your phone and share with your mom friends and loved ones. 

I am here to support you. With a Masters in Counseling,  2000+ clinical hours experience and as a mom of 3, I am well-equipped to support moms who may be going through some challenges like perinatal PTSD or just having difficulty being their best self. I am here for you. Send me an email at: and let’s connect. 

Call to Action:

PPTSD is one of the concerns related to maternal mental health and is a global issue. Hence to improve it collectively, we need policy makers to strategically implement and address “OUR Health”. 

If you want to see a difference in Maternal mental health, will you join me in advocating?  Take a moment to contact your representatives and request action about 

1- TRIUMPH for New Moms Act 

2- Moms Matter Act

3- Into the Light for Maternal Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Act of 2022, H.R. 7073

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On June 14, 2022, you will get to learn what it is like to live with someone experiencing PTSD on Episode 51.  Subscribe to The WHoly Mom Chat on your favorite podcast platform or Join the newsletter and get the link right in your inbox!

Friend, everyone is welcome here. We are on this journey together.

Let’s rediscover our true self, reclaim our time, our energy, care for ourselves to be the woman we want to be and most of all THRIVE. So let us rise up and show up as a better version of ourselves.

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