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Episode 56: Infertility Journey with Michelle Mercurio

Infertility Journey with Michelle Mercurio

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month which includes miscarriage, infertility, failed cycle, infant loss, ectopic, stillbirth, child loss, SIDS, neonatal loss, TFMR, chemical pregnancy, and embryo loss. To every person who has experienced any of these difficult experiences, I see you, I feel your pain, and I am holding space for you.

In this week’s podcast, we will discuss the journey of infertility. Infertility, in simple words, is the inability to reproduce. It affects both men and women. It can be challenging for people to sail through the physical and mental pressure of infertility and its treatments. Michelle Mercurio joins me today with her journey through infertility and the struggles she faced.

Michelle is a brand catalyst and an authenticist who helps her clients evolve and voice their identities. Whether it is for mindset and life help or brand storytelling and strategy, Michelle helps humans gain clarity to understand themselves, the words to voice their visions, and the courage and confidence to be more of who they are and less of who the world expects them to be. 

According to her, letting go of all the guilts and living with self-love is a great medicine to make healing happen. Self-love can do wonders in thought processing and boosting confidence. She says focusing on a ‘to-be list’ instead of a to-do list should be the priority. There will be many ups and downs, and many identities will be crashed, but one should not need external things to like themselves. Questioning your beliefs and why you believe them makes corrections and clears the thought process.

Listen to the podcast to learn how Michelle overcame depression and how she coped through all her heavy days. Here are the quick timestamps:

04:30- Michelle’s infertility journey with PCOS

08:05-Treatments and accepting phase

18:20- Dealing with Depression

28:30-Healing and letting go

38:00-A Note of Help

Favorite quotes:

“The reason we fear judgments is that we are so harshly judging ourselves.”

“If I love myself, I can show up for others better.”

“Relationship with others is based on our relationship with ourselves.”

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