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Episode 43:Creating Radical Love with Benita Conde

During our lifetime, we never stop growing but inevitably we want to be growing in a different direction. We want to be transforming ourselves and bettering our life every day.  Are you feeling stuck and unsure of which way to turn? Do you want to enjoy your whole life not just certain parts of it? Then today’s episode is for you! 

Jennifer interviews Benita Conde, a holistic life coach who shares her journey of changing her life course. Benita shares her story of leaving professional ballet, becoming sober, and starting a new life. Jennifer and Benita also talk about how important mindset and listening to our inner voice are. 

Listen in to learn more 

{08:03} Benita’s journey to the woman she is today

{18:20} Tuning into our inner voice

{24:18} Change where you are headed

{32:35} Inspiring women to take a pause

Benita Conde is the founder of Create Radical Love, LLC a life coaching and consulting approach for people who want to radically love their whole life experience, not just compartmentalized parts of it. Benita is a former professional ballet dancer, a former personal trainer, and an advertising industry expert with 20 years of experience supporting and guiding the careers of creative people. She has been on a spiritual journey her whole life and has been sober for 13 years. She now works with individuals globally as a holistic coach guiding each client to lead with intuition, to define a calling, and take action from that aligned, excited, and Infinite place across all aspects of their life experience. She has designed a unique and radically loved life with her husband and son and is thrilled to share the approach with others. 

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