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Episode 12: Practicing Mindfulness with Yedda Stancil

Practicing Mindfulness seems like an impossible task these days, juggling children, work, home life, etc. But guess what? You don’t need to meditate or spend time on the top of a mountain in Colorado at some fancy retreat to practice Mindfulness. Although that does sound amazing, doesn’t it? Mindfulness is all about paying attention to how you’re feeling in your body, mind, and spirit.

In today’s chat, I sat down with Yedda to explore her motherhood journey that led her to where she is currently, how we as moms can practice mindfulness with ourselves and our children. Yedda also shares her book, Shut Up and Sit, and her advice for other mamas.

Yedda Stancil is a consciousness coach and consultant. For over 25 years, she’s supported clients in changing their behaviors and growing their businesses through narrative coaching, neuroscience, behavioral coaching, leadership training, integrative development, and mindfulness meditation. She holds an MBA and is a dynamic, creative executive leader, a results-oriented entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Mindfulness Bar—a fun and adventurous place to experience self-actualization in Richmond, Virginia. She recently launched her book: Shut Up and Sit: It is an extensively researched, delightfully sassy, power-packed guide to awakening, awareness, and personal transformation, illuminating the foundation of Yedda’s innovative coaching process.

Yedda’s own road to leadership, mindfulness, and personal development began at the feet of four masters: studying leadership from Ken Blanchard, entrepreneurship from Cameron Herald, Mindfulness from Deepak Chopra, and integrative development and narrative coaching from David Drake.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Yedda shares her motherhood journey and adapting a love-based approach which included becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Keep trying new things and see what works, then fix the things that don’t.
  • Why mindset is essential and the practices of narrative coaching.

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